Monday, November 17, 2008

MAX 2008

I'm lucky this year because MAX is in my backyard--San Francisco. I'm putting some last minute touches on a presentation I've been working on. I haven't given talks to a real Flex crowd before, and I figured MAX|360 would be a great start. Joan and I are giving a talk on item renderers. It should cover a lot of material, and it'll hopefully cover everything you need to know about item renderers. It's at 1:30 on Tuesday in the MAX|360 room. I know it's got some stiff competition, since Deepa's talk is at the same time, but it should be a useful session, and I hope you'll stop by. If you can't make it, flag me down to say hello at the conference.

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Elton said...

The talk was good. The word "itemRenderer" was enough to drag me into the talk. Looking forward to the examples being posted.